Part 2: Visiting the City of Ronda

Ronda was the first day trip we took from our Airstream in Alozaina. Ronda is a city about 50 minutes drive from Alozaina and 62 miles (100km) west of Malaga. Our visit to the city was a actually a nice change to be in somewhere ever so slightly more touristy after a few days in the mountains. We went there as the Puente Nuevo bridge in Ronda really is a must see. Absolutely spectacular sight. Although having had a look on the internet before going there, I kind of wish we still lived in an age where things like this could be a surprise. Strange how so often we visit places we have already seen in detail online but the thought of visiting somewhere like this having only been told of its beauty would have been a far more amazing experience. Oh well, that’s not the world we live in.

On with the photos, this place was so easy to take beautiful pictures, everywhere you went there were stunning views. Following a 5 minute walk we found a park and walking through to the other side it opened out… to this, the view from Ronda;

Amazing views in Ronda

Absolutely wonderful scenery in every direction from this park, including looking down… was a pretty big drop!!

Once we had a quick look at the bridge we went for some lunch as we were starving. To recover from the excessive chorizo and cheese consumption from the previous evening we thought we would try an Italian for a little change. Wherein my Spanish had a baptism of fire when Becca in a rush to order, ordered a somewhat random pizza (which included an egg on top). I then thinking myself brave enough, went in after the waitress to try and change the order which led to a hilarious hand display on both sides. But we made it in the end! And we both had a laugh to ourselves about the somewhat ridiculous nature of what just happened.

It was a place where everywhere you walked you found more and more spectacular views, we went into a local house where you could pay 2 euro to walk around the gardens and as we walked into one of the rooms, the below was the view that appeared out through the window of one of the rooms. Not so bad eh?! I would imagine this was once quite the place to live.

View out from a house in Ronda

Then following a walk through the town you get to the trail that takes you down the side of the gorge down and under the bridge. Quite a walk, I would imagine in the height of summer it would probably be uncomfortably hot. Thankfully for us it was hot, but not that hot. Although the signs were somewhat ominous…

Danger sign on the walk down under the bridge at Ronda

 Once half way down, you look up to see this! An absolutely amazing sight, not just the bridge, but also the waterfall certainly adds something to it. I was desperate to jump in, but I fear that probably wouldn’t have ended well for me. Another time…

Amazing view of Ronda Bridge and waterfall

It was a fun walk down the side of the gorge and these are a few of the views on the way down.

Then once down to the bottom, the view back up was pretty impressive also! I deliberately tried to capture the bird in flight as it gave some nice scale to the photo.

View up towards the bridge in Ronda

So once we climbed back up to the top (I would suggest NOT wearing a black t-shirt as I rather stupidly chose to wear that day) we went for a large drink as it did get pretty hot towards the end. But an amazingly enjoyable experience. We wanted to make it back to Alozaina before dark so we chose to leave at a reasonably hour in order to get back in good time. That night we had a lovely BBQ at the Airstream and an early night, ready for the next days trip to Marbella (well Bounty Beach which is on the edge of Marbella).

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