Part 5: Toledo, Spain

After arriving in Madrid, our first day was spent in the nearby city of Toledo. Took the AVE – Renfe which took about 30 minutes from Madrid and then spent the day wandering round this historic city.

The river in Toledo

Didnt know a great deal about Toledo before our visit but we took a short guided tour round the town that gave us a bit more info on the background of the city. Amazing history – particularly interesting the idea that this was the “City of the Three Cultures” – a name which refers to the Christian, Islamic, and Hebrew cultures that coexisted during centuries within its walls, giving it a very unique identity. This can best be seen in the architecture, where the customary artistic styles of each one are visible throughout the city.

Some of that architecture can be seen in the gallery below;

The streets throughout the city were beautiful and it was a lovely way to spend a day. The view below oddly reminded me of a similar view in Cambridge across the market square.

Streets of Toledo

The views up towards the sky were filled with interesting sights, particularly liked the angles in the below image.

Church in Toledo

Below we have the view across the city from a view point during the guided tour.

Views down across Toledo

Finally, we have a couple of pics from the train trip back home.

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