The Little Arches – Barbados

Little Arches was actually the thing that motivated us to organise Barbados. We saw a special deal on it and it had such spectacular reviews on TripAdvisor that we thought we had to give it a go! We were not disappointed.


Its a small ’boutique’ hotel with only 10 rooms. This leads to an amazingly personal service. It was also further emphasised moving from self catering just how nice it was as before we even noticed our bags had been whisked away to our rooms whilst we checked in. We also got a welcome cocktail which was pretty lovely.


Beds were pretty comfortable too…


They also gave you a little rum cake and a small bottle of Mount Gay as a welcome present which made us feel very welcome.

Here is Becca enjoying her welcome drink…


After getting settled in we went for a walk round the local area. Felt a lot different to the west coast and Holetown, felt far more like the place where locals lived which was a nice change as it didn’t feel as much like it was only there to cater to tourists. Weather wasn’t so good when we arrived.


H0wever it did improve and the following day we had breakfast with this view. The food as well was consistently great at Little Arches and felt far more reasonable by comparison to the Holetown.


The views round the pool were equally as pleasant. We had one most magical day after a big Friday at Oistins where the pool pretty much instantly cured my hangover!


Becca by the pool

This is the view back toward the building and you can see how relatively small it is, which is a great thing in my opinion. Top floor is the restaurant then there are some rooms that open directly out onto the pool. Was always nice and quiet as well which was lovely.


Then as we come to the end of this holiday we end up at Oistins Fish Fry on Friday night. We had heard a lot of good things so thought it was worth a go. It actually turned out to be one of the most memorable nights of the holiday. We were both tired but we thought we would make the effort. We had both eaten so basically just walked along to see what it  was all about. We arrived and it was already pretty busy around 7pm with a good mix of locals and tourists. Everyone was having a good time and we decided to have one little rum… which tasted a little too good. That then led to another rum. The guy asked if I wanted small or large. I couldnt say small so ended up with what I could only describe as a quadruple rum and coke. We literally dranks 3 drinks each and were home by 11pm with a level of drunkeness usually only felt around 3am! Genuinely quite impressive. Even drug dealers are friendly in Barbados… we were approached by “handy Andy” who offered us “coke or a smoke”. We politely declined after which he offered us a taste of his drink assuring us that Gin was better than Rum… Becca went first. She looked like she was drinking it and I was thinking “WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?”, then he passes it to me and I end up having a little sip whilst all I was thinking in my head was “WHY AM I VOLUNTEERING TO BE DRUGGED”… anyway he went off on his way and it turned out Becca just PRETENDED to drink it. I did not. In the end however neither of us was drugged so this is really a non story. But the chance was still there. In any case, we had an amazing time. Also only had a limited hangover the next day which was promptly sorted by the pool.

Here are a couple of pics from the shopping area at Oistins.

And here we have Becca lounging in a hammock at the hotel.


And that brings us to the end of this little adventure. Barbados was a wonderful place and it was altogether a marvelous way to spend 9 days. Would thoroughly recommend it to others. Just be aware of the expense of eating out. It adds up fast!

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