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The Duxford Airshow: Part 2

September 7, 2013

This is a follow on from The Duxford Airshow – Part 1

Our Gold Pass tickets worked out to have been a pretty good choice. My dad was able to enjoy the airshow without having to walk miles. Although my only concern with this way of doing it is you are asked to remain seated during the flying so as not to obscure the view of those behind. We were about 4 rows back and I felt a bit disappointed as that somewhat handicapped me but as the airshow went on I realised we didnt have many people behind me so I stood up for short times to grab some photos then sit back down again. So if you were thinking of going for this type of ticket, its worth considering as you are not as free to move about as you are outside the gold pass area.

Duxford September Airshow 2013 -

Next up there was an amazing display by 6 spitfire’s of different marks from the Mk. I, through to a Mk. IX which for me, were the best generations. Here are some of the pictures I managed to get as they rolled right past our enclosure. Quite the sight. Below we have a series of the Dutch Spitfire Mk. IX  from the Royal Netherlands Air Force Historic Flight. I had never seen this before and it was particularly elegant in the bare metal.Duxford September Airshow 2013 - Dutch Spitfire Mk. IX

The rest of the display was made up by a variety of others marks including one Mk. V that is strange in that it is painted in the green and brown, and looks very much like a Mk. I but it has the canon wings and a far pointier spinner than the norm.

Duxford September Airshow 2013 - Spitfire Mk. I

One of the more impressive displays from a ‘just plain ridiculous’ point of view was the Piper Cub flown by Brendan O’Brien landing his aircraft on the trailer of a moving truck.


Next up we have the Aerostars Yak-50 display team. Seen these guys a couple of times and they are a really impressive team, particularly as some of them only do this part time. These guys are very easy to photograph as they come really close and the contrast from the smoke make it really easy to focus.


Having realised this post has went on a bit, I am thinking I may need a Part 3! So lets move on to the next installment

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    September 8, 2013

    great photos it looks as if you had great day out.
    keep up the good work