Airshows Duxford

The Duxford Airshow: Part 1

September 7, 2013

Spent a wonderful day at Duxford in September 2013 with my dad who had come down for a visit from Scotland. My father is not as mobile as he once was we decided to go for the Gold Pass tickets which cost £75 which is a fair bit more than the standard cost. For that you get access to a reserved area of seating, marquee with buffet (which I dont believe is included), far nicer toilets than those outside the area and I am sure there were other benefits. But for us it was mostly just to have a seat and not have to walk too far.

Took the standard Olympus OM-D EM5 with me with my Panasonic 45mm 2.8 and Panasonic 100-300mm f4.0-5.6 which both continue to perform admirably. Although in saying that, the EM5 has had a busy year since I bought it new last April and it is starting to show small signs of issues, but these issues are intermittent and not particularly troublesome… yet.

F-86 Sabre at Duxford

As always the aircraft on show were widely varied. I visit Duxford pretty much every airshow and there is always something different to keep you interested. I got so many photos that I loved this year I have split this up into two parts, this being the first.

One of the highlights, rather oddly, was a Boeing 747-8, not sure where they pulled that one from but it was quite the site and also one of the easier aircraft to photograph. You literally couldnt miss it…

Boeing 747-8 Flypast at Duxford

I managed to get a couple of photographs that I was really pleased with. The weather looked for quite a while like it might rain, and that led to some spectacular skies with the sun coming out in parts shining onto some amazing clouds. So overall I was able to get some shots that were far more interesting than the usual solid blue back drop.

Duxford September Airshow 2013 -

Then I may be jumping to the end of the day but the final performance to end the show was a Eurofighter Typhoon. And unsurprisingly it was impressively loud, although in saying that, not loud enough to drown out the two kids standing next to me screaming at their parents as I dont think their ear drums were quite ready for it. You would have thought they would have thought that through… But managed to get some pretty decent shots of it. I continue to be amazed for all people question mirrorless camera’s ability to focus on fast moving objects, the EM5’s ability at capturing some amazing photographs.

Duxford September Airshow 2013 -

Moving on from that, some other highlights for me personally were the T-33 Shooting Star (or CT-133 Silver Star as it was originally a Canadian built version) which I had never seen before.

Duxford September Airshow 2013 -

Next up we have the Vampire FB6 (DH-100) from the Norwegian Air Force Historical Squadron. Only managed a few on the ground as by this point from our location the flightline was pretty full so couldn’t get any of it taking off. It was meant to be partnered by a two seat trainer but that had some problems and had to pull out.

Thats all for part 1, to continue reading you can see the other parts of this series;


Tom Kelly