Part 1: Penguins at Boulders Beach

Spent two spectacular weeks in and around Cape Town with some wonderful people. Here are some of the pics from our trip. Think I got a bit carried away with myself so it does go on a bit.

Starting off with our first proper day out (following the bachelors – photos to follow from that) to Boulders Beach where you will find lots, and lots of African Penguins. A wonderful sight to see these ‘in the wild’ and some quality characters amongst them. Most amusingly we stopped at one place and went down to the beach where we found 5-10 penguins. Then our intention was to drive on to Boulders Beach, only to walk along a bit in the other direction to discover that we were already there. So if you visit, actually first try heading to the left side of the area rather than right and have a look down at the beach there as you may find some wandering about down there. Whereas when you go right that takes you to the proper entrance where you have to pay something like 50 rand which at the time of writing was about £2-3 which was reasonable to get in.

penguins-at-boulders-beach-9This trip was my first proper outing with my Nikon Df and had a lot of fun with it. Overall delighted with what it can do and slowly adjusting to the less forgiving depth of field and sharpness with FX as opposed to m43. Used both the 50mm f1.8d and the 24-85mm f3.5-4.5. Both were fun to use. I liked the wide end of the 24-85 and the 50mm definitely has better image quality. Overall though, I would say neither are absolutely spectacular and I think I will invest in the new Sigma 50mm 1.4 Art when it becomes available later this year.

Got a bit too into this.
Heading for a swim…
Becca going all ‘tourist’…



Awww, there were lots of them standing around in pairs.



This little guy decided to go for a jog down this embankment. Pretty nimble on his feet/fins!




The view on the drive back towards Cape Town from Boulders Beach.

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