Paris in winter with Omobono

August 24, 2012

Late last year I spent a glorious evening in Paris. Each year my company, Omobono, likes to do a trip somewhere for one night, this year Paris was the destination. Below are a few pics from the trip, particularly around the Eiffel Tower. We only had about 36 hours so soon after arriving on the Eurostar, we all threw our stuff into the hotel and headed out to the Louvre where we only had time to see it from the outside, then we walked to the Eiffel Tower. The following pic was taken during the light show that happens, I believe, every evening. Quite unexpected and was a spectacular site.

Eiffel Tower light show

Then we had tickets to go up to the top, which the vast majority of us did. The entire experience was amazing and once the sun sets the Eiffel Tower looks absolutely amazing, even from underneath!

Eiffel Tower from underneath

Once at the top the view was truly stunning (and incredibly windy). The feeling of being exposed to the elements certainly emphasised the height that we were at and really made it so much more impressive. I was recently in Chicago and we went up the Sears Tower which is even higher but didnt feel that way because it was so enclosed. The experience at the Eiffel Tower was far more impressive.

View from the Eiffel Tower at night

Once we had fitted as much tourist activity in as we possibly could in about 4 hours, we all headed out to a restaurant called Derriere (and that means what you are thinking). Had an amazing evening and ended up sitting in a french cafe drinking till around 5am. Incredible hangover the next day and a joyous 3 hour trip back on the Eurostar. All in all a pretty special 36 hours…