Top 10 photos of 2013

December 22, 2013

As we come to the end of 2013 and I have a look at the various places and things I have been fortunate to see and do this year, I thought I would pop together my top 10 favourite photographs from the year. These are a mix from my travels including some from Duxford, Ronda, Madrid and Kruger from 10 through to 1…

Hope you enjoy!

Number 10.

Beautiful Emperor Penguins

This was a pic taken at Faunia in Madrid of their Emperor Penguins. Taken using the OM-D EM5 and Olympus 75mm shot at F1.8. I bought this lens hoping I would find suitable uses for it and it was perfect in this type of situation in low light with the animals a fair distance away. Absolutely loved having that lens with me on that day and I would thoroughly recommend getting hold of this lens if possible.

  Number 9.

The beautiful eyes of Rafiki

This is one I grabbed of my sisters cat Rafiki in Madrid. An incredibly shy cat, spent most of my stay hiding under a bed but when she did venture out I thought I would see what the 75mm could do with natural light in a very dimly lit flat. Shot wide open at ISO6400 I believe. So the full sized image is a little soft, but still pretty impressive considering. Personally liked the look of the eyes in this.

Number 8.

Balmoral in Bristol Harbour

The MV Balmoral moored in Bristol Harbour. Was visiting our office in the area and had dinner near the harbour. On our stroll back to the hotel I grabbed this one with the 20mm at F1.7 and ISO 800 if I recall correctly…

Number 7.

Duxford September Airshow 2013

I love this pic of my dad I took at Duxford in the summer. My dad had a hip replacement earlier in the year so was still struggling with mobility so was delighted that he could make it down to Cambridge for a visit. As always, we took a trip to Duxford for their September Airshow and I had the 100-300 attached to the camera when I took this shot. Love the clarity at the short end of this lens.

Number 6.

Grumman Avenger at Duxford

One of the magical parts of the Flying Legends airshow at Duxford is that the staff all dress pretty accurately in the gear from the era and stroll up and down the flight line allowing you to take some interesting pics combining people with the aircraft, rather than just endless shots of planes. This was taken with my newly acquired PL 45mm F2.8 – love the clarity you get out of this one. Picked it up cheap and for the £219.99 I paid for it, I have absolutely loved it.

Number 5.

Lizard at Faunia in Madrid

Another one taken at Faunia with the Olympus 75mm at f1.8… the lizard was sitting behind glass and that lens never seemed to have an issue focusing through it and easily blurred it out leaving me with this crystal clear pic. One criticism may be that I somewhat overdid the background blur, but it was pretty dark so I did what I could and was quite delighted with the result.

 Number 4.

Elephants at the waters edge in Kruger

On my visit in March to Kruger, I was lucky to see an amazing array of animals. Highlights were definitely the pride of lions we stumbled upon in the middle of the road and this herd of Elephants we discovered all drinking at the side of the river. We sat and watched them for the better part of an hour after which they then began to cross the river. Amazing sight as they helped their little ones across and I wont lie, we did laugh when one fell in. It was promptly helped up by those around it so nothing to worry about.

Number 3.

Iguana at Shepreth Wildlife Park

Into the top 3 and I personally love this picture we got on a random day trip we took to Shepreth Wildlife Park. Got this one in the lizard enclosure with my PL 45mm at 2.8. I think this was one of my first trips out with it and it has some lovely characteristics. Its nice and sharp and there is something I find quite magical about the pics you get from it.

Number 2.

Amazing view of Ronda Bridge and waterfall

Ah Ronda… what a magical place!! This was up there as one of my absolute favourite places and photos from my travels in 2013. Taken with the Panasonic 20mm F1.7. Ronda is an absolutely spectacular place and I would recommend making the effort to get there. Everywhere you look there are breathtaking views. We spend a wonderful afternoon wandering round the city and spent a lot of time walking down under the bridge. Its quite far down! And coming back up got pretty hot towards the end. But as said, a wonderful part of the world and this photo goes only somewhat of the way to conveying what you see when you are there.

Here we have it… Number 1!

F-86 Sabre at Duxford

Well here it is… my favourite picture from my year. This might not be to everyones taste but during my last visit to Duxford I was trying to get some pics that were a bit more interesting than the generic 3/4 on shots that everyone takes of every aircraft at the show. I imagine most folks pics look pretty much identical. But I wanted to see if I could do something a little different so decided to try and shoot some close ups of parts of the aircraft with some nice blur for the background. Shot at f2.8 with the PL45mm allowed a nice level of blur that you could still clearly understand what you were looking for whilst still allowing focus on the pitot tube. The sky that day also added to it as it was incredibly stormy. So all together I just loved the look of this one and that is why it is my favourite from the approx 15,000 shutter actuation’s my camera experienced this year. 😮

Well there we have it! My favourite photos from 2013. I have had a wonderful year and had some amazing experiences. Hoping for more in 2014! Already booked my flights for Cape Town in March for a friends wedding so hopefully start there!

Any comments, fire them in!