Holetown – Barbados

Here a few pictures from our recent trip to Barbados. Spent our first 6 nights in Holetown in a very nice little one bedroom apartment we found through AirBnB. Barbados in October is their low season which allowed us to take advantage of some more reasonable accommodation prices. We considered doing the all inclusive hotel thing but instead we decided on self catering so we could try some of the many restaurants on the West Coast. One thing I will say however is that restaurants on the west coast are, for the most part, quite expensive comparative with the UK.

In any case here are a few of the pics. On our first few days we found a cracking little beach bar that did some excellent rum punch and found ourselves getting a little bit merry watching sunsets like the below. Pretty pleasant way to spend some time…


The beaches along the west coast new Holetown are very nice. Interestingly they werent quite as impressive as we were expecting. You might think that a crazy thing to say based on the below pictures but actually there appears to have been a fair bit of erosion (or maybe they have always been that way) but the beaches on the west coast tend to be quite narrow. So much so that on at least one day we found it hard to find somewhere to sit where the water wasn’t in danger of overrunning us. This was due to the tide but still worth considering. On the plus side the water was beautifully warm.


Due to the quite high price of eating out we regularly just bought stuff from the local supermarket and made some quite delightful sandwiches! This also actually gave us a greater appreciation of the experience when we did eat out. The pics below were taken outside the walkway alongside Tides restaurant with the waves cracking against the rocks. We may have got the odd splash but still… pretty pleasant location for lunch!



Taken from a bridge in Holetown looking out towards the ocean.
The local church in Holetown
Holetown Momument

We saw and did quite a lot so I have broken this down into a few parts, please click here to see the next part of you can pick randomly from the below!

Part 1 – Holetown

Part 2 – Cool Runnings Catamaran

Part 3 – The Cliff

Part 4 – Tour of Barbados

Part 5 – Bridgetown

Part 6 – The South Cost and Little Arches

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