Kruger Safari

Elephants in Kruger National Park

August 15, 2013

During my 3 day stay at Berg en Dal camp in Kruger National Park we were able to see an amazing number of Elephants. Ranging from massive bull elephants through to very young ones that the adults were massively protective of. It was on our second day that we saw the highest number as we stumbled upon at least 3 full herds by the roadside.

All the pictures in this post were taken with either my Olympus OM-D EM5 and Panasonic G3 bodies coupled with either the Panasonic 100-300mm or the Olympus 45mm for the shots where the animals were closer to the car. Both cameras performed admirably although in fairness, there wasnt a lot of fast action captured and whilst we are still waiting on a micro four third camera that can rival APS-C canikons it is more than quick enough in these situations. Both great cameras, but the G3 is definitely at the lower end of the budget scale.

So to kick us off we have a large bull that was hiding behind a bush as we were driving past and it casually wandered out. It was absolutely massive! The strength in these animals to rip trees down was spectacular to witness.


One of the best moments of the trip was driving over a small bridge to find a large number of elephants drinking, washing and crossing a stream. Amazing to see the way they behave and somewhat amusing to see the youngest one try crossing only to reach a particularly deep part and fall in. But the others helped prop him up and get him across, absolutely amazing to see how they work together.


Another picture from the same moment shows a couple having some fun in the water. Was quite pleased to have captured this one. Not quite as sharp as I would have liked but it is quite an interesting pic.

Elephants washing in Kruger

At another point on that same day we caught up with a large herd who were crossing the road to reach a mud path which they seemed keen to get involved in. Most interesting to see the large bull force the others out of the way and he ended up the only one standing in the middle of it.


And finally, we have a closeup of an Elephant that was staring at us head on with interest. It was part of a group that had some young ones with them and they were incredibly protective of their young. Lovely to see this behaviour but certainly kept us on our toes when guessing in which direction we should drive so as to avoid them charging us.


If you have any thoughts on any of my images, I would be happy to hear them so please add any comments below!