Cool Runnings Catamaran – Barbados

Went out for a swim with the turtles on the Cool Runnings catamaran. An amazing day which was almost RUINED the moment I discovered my brand new GoPro 4 Silver was without life! I almost had a moment. I had literally checked it the night before, unplugged it and left it with a full battery. Somehow it had been secretly on or something and when I went to turn it on for its big day. Nothing. So once I recovered from my huff it was a great experience. We went round a couple of wrecks and Becca got to touch a turtle.

This was the view… not too shabby. If I recall correctly that is Sandy Lane, the most expensive resort in the Caribbean. This was as close as we were going to get to it.

The crew were amazing and kept everyone entertained. We even managed to get Becca to jump off the side of the boat which she was pretty reluctant to do. But thankfully some pretty solid peer pressure from pretty much everyone around made her do it. Which I think was a good thing.

Not entirely sure what is happening here…
This was Raymond who was amazingly helpful the whole time and worked tirelessly to make sure everyone was looked after.
Random picture but I enjoyed it.




Becca sunning herself on the deck.

We saw and did quite a lot so I have broken this down into a few parts, please click here to go to the next part:

Or you can jump about to your hearts content with the below:

Part 1 – Holetown

Part 2 – Cool Runnings Catamaran

Part 3 – The Cliff

Part 4 – Tour of Barbados

Part 5 – Bridgetown

Part 6 – The South Cost and Little Arches

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