Bridgetown – Barbados 2014

Decided to culture it up for a day and head off to Bridgetown to see what the capital was all about. First of all, if you ever visit Barbados you really should try the yellow buses. Apparently they are on commission so they dash about the island with a spectacular speed with some pretty banging music blaring out. It was one of the most fun things we did. And it only cost $2 BDS which is about 66p for a one way ticket. Considering a taxi the previous evening covering about 1/3 of the distance to Bridgetown cost $40 BDS that somewhat puts it in perspective.


Below is the parliament building in the centre of Bridgetown. Had a lovely walk round the town centre. It was of course 30 degrees with what felt like 100% humidity so didnt take long for us to want to stop for our usual rum punch (and a bottle of water obvs).


And this was the harbour looking the other direction from the parliament building. It was all very picturesque.



Bridgetown Parliament
Interestingly I tried this with both my 24-85mm (at 85mm) and my 85mm 1.8G (with polariser) and the quality difference was noticeable between the two lenses. Particularly due to the prime having very little/zero distortion and the zoom having a little bit.
Hummingbird in Bridgetown
Whilst eating lunch this little hummingbird appeared. I had never seen one of these and amazing to see it just wander round the plant. Grabbed this with the 85mm prime. Worked better than I expected in a pretty dimly lit area.
A snap as we walked through Bridgetown. Had some amazingly old, what looked like military buses driving through town.
Buses in Bridgetown
Here we have our bus that took us back to Holetown. It has a spoiler! A bus… with a spoiler! I can understand that as we did need something to keep us from going airborne.


And there we have it… we headed off back to our apartment to pack ready to move onto the South coast and Oistins.

We saw and did quite a lot so I have broken this down into a few parts, please click here to go to the next part:

Or you can jump about to your hearts content with the below:

Part 1 – Holetown

Part 2 – Cool Runnings Catamaran

Part 3 – The Cliff

Part 4 – Tour of Barbados

Part 5 – Bridgetown

Part 6 – The South Cost and Little Arches

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