An evening well spent in Bristol

Through my work I found myself in Bristol for a couple of nights in September of 2013. Absolutely lovely city, although as I understand it the evening we went out it was all kicking off between Bristol City and Bristol Rovers. But guessing down at the waterside at a tapas bar we didnt really see much of it with the exception of a police helicopter doing the rounds.

Clifton Suspension Bridge

First night we went to a bar overlooking the Clifton suspension bridge, quite the sight!


So after we had the tour of Clifton etc, and spent an evening at the harbourside, the weather was glorious and we took a walk round, saw a bit of the SS Great Britian (S.S. means Steam Ship for all those wondering, I was confused based on knowing that S.S. in America means State Ship and I was sure S.S. in this context must mean more than “Steam Ship”. I was wrong. Catherine was right.).

Tom Kelly on an old train in Bristol Harbourside

So after a wander round we went for some dinner at The Olive Shed. The 4 of us got a table outside and it was a quite magnificent evening! The tapas was excellent as was the Estrella. 🙂

The Olive Shed - Bristol

Took the opportunity to get some pleasant food shots, below is some Manchego based tapas. Tasted immense. Unsurprisingly the tapas had a heavy olive involvement, even the chorizo had some kind of olive tapanade which tasted franky, incredible.


Then the one below was some stuffed Aubergine with Asparagus which again was very nice. Didn’t eat the asparagus though, never been a fan.

Aubergine and Asparagus tapas at the Olive Shed

We stayed at the Olive Shed until after 11 and they started to close up, afterwards we took a wander back to our hotel via the harbourside, got this nice low light shot as we wandered through. Not the most glamorous image if it had been daylight but I quite liked the effect at night.

Bristol Harbourside

 Again got another nice low light shot of the Balmoral which looked particularly appealing with the light bouncing off the water. All the evening shots (with the exception of the food) were all taken with the Panasonic 20mm f1.7 which for the last few years has been my go to in the evening time. Aspiring to aquire a Voigtlander 17.5mm f0.95 at some point but until then, the 20mm does the job quite nicely!

Balmoral in Bristol Harbour

So we had the option of taxi or walk back to our hotel in Clifton, turns out by walking we got to experience what was apparently the steepest residential street in the UK. Now I am not sure if this wild statement is true, but it definitely was a steep hill! And having got somewhat used to Cambridge’s landscape, don’t think my calfs were ready for it. Massively amusing though as we laughed pretty much the entire way up the hill.


Last photo from the trip was as we walked back to the hotel there was this very armospheric old house so grabbed a quick shot.


All in all an excellent few evenings spent in Bristol.



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