Part 4: An evening in Yunquera, Andalucia

On our last evening in Alozaina we took a short (15 minute) drive to the nearby town of Yunquera in the Sierra de las Nieves where we had heard there was an excellent restaurant called Enara in town.

Once again we made the rookie mistake of arriving in town far too early. That day we hung about the Airstream most of the day and around 4:30pm in the afternoon we decided to head over to Yunquera, find the restaurant then have a wander round town expecting to have dinner around 8pm.

Spectacular scenery surrounding Yunquera

So we got into town, found the restaurant and parked up. We then fairly quickly discovered there was NOTHING to do in the town at that time of day. You would really think we would have worked that out by now. So we took a wander round town and the views around Yunquera are absolutely stunning. Its even more hilly than Alozaina and the streets were pretty cramped.

Views from the streets of Yunquera

On the walk around we came upon a street that was fairly well populated by the local cats. Minimum 5 that I could see but they werent strays and looked very well looked after.

And as we wandered round, as always there seemed to be some ‘lively’ dogs running about the streets – the scary thing with them is though that in the tiny streets of Yunquera, it sounds like the sound is coming from all around you and you are never quite sure if one is about to jump out at you. Oh well, after an adrenalined fuelled walk back to the restaurant we found the restaurant sort of open. So we took a seat outside and basically sat there from 5:30pm – 8pm! Was actually really pleasant. And once we got over the clear language barrier between us and the lady that was working at the bar, things were pretty good! Then at 8 o’clock we plucked up the courage to ask if we could sit for dinner. Some comical hand gestures later and there we were sitting as the only diners in the place. Although it actually didnt feel as uncomfortable as I might have expected. Enara was actually a really nice restaurant and if you are ever in the area, definitely worth a visit. Not one of the cheaper places in the area but the meat dishes were lovely and they also did a suprisingly varied dessert menu.

Enara restaurant in Yunquera
Enara restaurant in Yunquera


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