Part 3: Alozaina to Marbella – Bounty Beach

This is a short post as I actually only got a few suitable pics from our day in Marbella (Bounty Beach). Now Marbella wouldnt be my first choice of places to visit but we thought we might as well get one day at the beach whilst we were in the area. So this then led to one of the most amazing experiences of the holiday. The drive from Alozaina through to Marbella took us through the town of Monda. Now Monda is a beautiful little Spanish town, but its streets are rather narrow. Following the sat nav, we drove through Monday and the streets got narrower and narrower and we were getting more nervous as it wasnt just tight side to side, but the roads also went steeply up and down. Just as we were getting a bit worried, the road started to open out again as we hit the road that took us out of town. Just as we began to relax we discovered the road out was closed! Dear lord, could have done without that.

So following a beautiful bit of driving from Becca we managed to turn it around and headed back into the tiny streets of Monda. Shortly thereafter we found ourselves on a hill so steep the handbrake didnt fully stop the car moving! We managed to bring it to a halt and I jumped out to see what was ahead round the corner. I ran down the street and round the corner and as i ran off, i heard a dog start to bark and the bark started to get louder as it got closer. I was already a bit stressed out and at that point I was thinking “great! now i get to fight off a dog… in flip flops”. Now if I was honest, once i looked where we were and slowly headed back up I discovered the dog in question was frankly, tiny. And he was significantly more afraid of me than I of him. That somewhat restored my masculine confidence but now back to the car. So Becca slowly drove down the ludicrously steep slope towards an incredibly tight turn. As we turned we discovered there wasnt quite enough space to get the car round. Excellent. Then when we tried to reverse, the street was so steep there wasnt enough power to get back up! So we were basically stuck – 2/3rds into a turn with about 2-3 inches between the car and the wall. Now at this point, I was thinking the only solution was just to abandon the car! Not a particularly practical solution. So just as we were at the peak of our stress this glorious spaniard appears from his house. He must have heard the noise from the car trying to get back up the hill. He was wearing some incredibly small shorts, but at this point I wasnt judging. He sauntered down the steps towards us at which point he surveyed the situation in front of him. Then he calmly indicated to Becca to continue with the turn. At this point I was thinking “this is never going to work, but I am not going to argue with this”. So Becca starts turning the car, I am waiting for the noise of the wall hitting the car, but it never came. We managed to just scrape past it! I have to say the Spanish have an incredibly understanding of small space.

As if that moment wasnt exciting enough a Spanish/English conversation then took place where he asked us where we were trying to get to, we said Marbella, he indicated the road we should take – but then realised/remembered the road was closed and then it dawned on him thats why we had got stuck. So he said in English “1 minute” and headed off back into the house. We were wondering what he was going to do. Was he getting a map? Didnt think a map would really help us get out but who knows. Then this magical individual re-appears with the keys to his scooter! Never have I been so excited to see a man on a scooter. He jumped on and basically took us on a 10 minute drive through the town and out another way onto the road we should have been on. What an amazing man! He went so far out of his way to help us it was incredible. I am reasonably sure we would still have been there had he not got involved. So yeah that was definitely a high point for me. Amazingly I didnt get any pictures of this spectacular incident, think I was a touch preoccupied.

View towards Marbella Marina

With Monda out of the way and a genuine wish never to see that place again we finished the journey to Marbs! On arrival we parked up in the area we thought was near Bounty Beach which we had been recommended by our AirBnB host Trevor. We went on a walk along the beach and it was actually pretty pleasant. Bounty Beach isnt the most obvious of beaches, particularly at this time of year. But from what we gathered its just on the left hand side of the big Marbella sign on the front and is backed by grass and trees. Very nice compared to the rest of Marbella.

View along Bounty Beach and Marbella

Had a pleasant lunch at a restaurant at the beach, then had a lie down on the beach for a few hours before heading back to Alozaina for dinner.

Lunch at Bounty Beach - Marbella

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